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Fablabs wood- and metal workshop

The metal and wood workshop is open to students on Wednesdays at 17.00–19.00. The workshop is run by students who have a broad knowledge of metal and woodworking, and you must have passed a safety briefing with a supervisor to access the workshop.

Metal workshop

In the metal workshop, the focus is on cutting work and welding. Traditional metalworking tools such as the knee mill and support lathe are available, but we also have a computer-controlled milling machine (cnc) for metal. The metal part is not particularly focused on any specific purpose, but tries to be as versatile as possible. Metal, as well as the wood workshop, are therefore excellently applied for prototyping of various kinds.


Digital machines

  • HAAS Super Mini Mill

  • 3-axis CNC for aluminium, steel

Manual machines

  • Lathe

  • Knee cutter

  • Pillar drill

  • Trench for sheet metal and pipes

  • Metal cap

  • MIG welding, TIG welding

  • Spot welding

  • Angle grinder, Belt sander,


Wood workshop

In the wood workshop, rapid prototyping and fine carpentry are the focus. We have typical machines that you might find in a woodworking shop: circular saw, band saw, column drill, belt sander, etc. But we also have a larger computer-controlled router (cnc) for wood, plastic and other soft materials. The workshops are separated by a gate, but sit together. In this way, the symbiosis could not be better between wood and metal. 


Digital machines

  • Raptor

  • 3-axis CNC router for wood, plastic and other soft materials

Manual machines

  • Band saw

  • Circular saw, jigsaw

  • Belt sander

  • Pillar drill

  • Blast cabinet

  • Painting room

The Commitee

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